For many a bride and groom, weddings involve more than simply booking a banquet hall for the gala reception and ceremony. Coordinating by using a Wedding Checklist makes the most sense, allowing you to checklist your items and keep all of your Wedding Planning details in order.

You have found the perfect life partner. Now, plan your perfect wedding. Regardless of where you decide to have your wonderful day, the event will call for a significant amount of planning along with ideas and information.

Planning  Your Wedding


Depending on your personal preferences and the preferences of your husband or wife-to-be, a wedding can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 2 years to plan. If one step in the planning process is missed, the whole wedding could be ruined. To prevent this from happening, we have created a wedding checklist in order to ensure everything goes according to plan on your big day.


7-12 Months Prior

- Announce Engagement and have your engagement party
- Decide on the wedding style and create a guest list
- Choose who you both want in the wedding party
- Set the date and time of the wedding
- Book your wedding officiant
- Choose your wedding song
- Decide on “extras” (cake, flowers, dj, photographers etc)
- Purchase your Wedding Dress and bridal accessories
- Purchase bridesmaids dresses and accessories (maid of honor as well)
- Start planning your honeymoon
- Buy (or make) your Wedding Favors
- Purchase your Wedding Invitations
- Plan your rehearsal ceremony and dinner


2-6 Months Prior
- Arrange accommodations for out-of-town guests
- Finalize the dinner menu
- Book your limo (or other form of transportation)
- Book the rehearsal dinner site
- Book your honeymoon
- Purchase your wedding rings
- Purchase your gifts for the wedding party
- Rent the tuxedos for groom and grooms men (including best man)
- Schedule a dress fitting (bride)
- Book hair and makeup appointment (bride)
- Have your bridal shower
- Send out the invitations to your guests
- Plan the wedding program


1 Month Prior
- Get your marriage license (and blood tests if needed)
- Final dress fitting (bride)
- Arrange seating for your guests
- Have your stag and doe party


1-2 Weeks Prior
- Pick up the wedding dress
- Have your bachelor and bachelorette parties


The Day Before
- Give the wedding party their gifts
- Pick up the tuxedo(s)
- Decorate the wedding site
- Have your rehearsal dinner and greet out-of-town guests

Follow these steps in the first step towards a lifetime of marital bliss!


The Traditional Wedding Day Running Order


If you are having a traditional wedding with all the customs and traditions included, then it is a good idea to draw up a wedding day schedule or running order of events so that each member of the wedding party knows what will be happening and when.  Typically, a wedding schedule will include items such as the photographs, speeches, toasts and cake cutting, but you can also include any other elements that you are having within the running order.  A wedding day schedule does not have to be strictly for a traditional wedding either, drawing one up for an informal wedding whether it is big or small will help to ensure everything goes to plan on the day.

A typical wedding day schedule will look something like this:


  1. Ceremony: Ask your celebrant/priest/officiant to give you an order of service so you know the order of events for the ceremony.

  2. Formal Photographs: If you are having formal posed photographs then these will likely be taken after the ceremony outside your venue or venues.

  3. Reception: The traditional receiving line is perhaps less observed these days and instead many couples are choosing informal welcome drinks or cocktail hour instead whilst more photographs are taken.

  4. Dinner: Traditionally known as the wedding breakfast as it is the first meal of your married life.

  5. Speeches: Within Wedding Etiquette there is no rule about when the speeches should take place but traditionally they would follow the dessert in the schedule in this order:

•Bride’s Father: Traditionally the bride’s father would introduce her to the groom’s family, give short stories of special memories of his daughter and finish with a toast to the couple.
•The Groom: The groom will mostly spend his time thanking people, beginning with the bride’s parents, thanking the bridesmaids and thanking the guests for coming.  He may also say a few words about his new wife and then propose a toast to the bridesmaids.
•The Best Man: The best man will introduce the groom to the bride’s family and usually will make a funny speech about the groom (without being too risqué or causing offense).  The best man will also be responsible for reading out messages and cards from absent guests.  He ends with a toast to the happy couple.
Cake Cutting: The cutting of the wedding cake is announced by either the Master of Ceremonies or the best man and will usually take place after the wedding breakfast and speeches.  The couple will cut the first slice and then the cake will be taken away, sliced and served to the guests.


First Dance: The first dance signifies the beginning of the evening celebrations and commences with the couple taking to the dance floor alone and dancing to a favorite song.  It is then traditional for the bride to dance with her father, the groom with his mother and the best man with the chief bridesmaid.  The bride and groom will then dance with their respective in-laws, at which point the guests are invited to join them on the dance floor.





Use this checklist as a guideline for scheduling a time for many of
the day’s details. (Make sure you plan some time for yourself. Eat
a good breakfast, take a brisk walk or a long soak in the tub or
watch a favorite movie—anything that will calm you down and
fortify you for the day’s events.)




____  Hairdresser and makeup appointment with your attendants

____  Flowers arrive for you, your attendants, mother, father and other

   appropriate family members

____  Flowers arrive at the groom’s residence for his mother, father, best man

   and other appropriate family members

____  Begin getting dressed

____  Photography and videography sessions begin

____  Transportation to ceremony arrives

____  Leave for the ceremony site




____  Florist arrives to decorate

____  Ushers arrive

____  Musicians and/or vocalists arrive

____  Groom and best man arrive

____  Parents of the groom are seated, unless they are

    part of the processional

____  Your mother and maid of honor arrive

____  Your attendants arrive

____  You and your father arrive

____  Prelude music begins

____  Your mother is seated after last guest is seated

____  Processional begins

____  Ceremony begins

____  Recessional begins

____  Post-ceremony photography session begins




____  Guests arrive

____  Refreshments are served

____  You & wedding party arrive

____  Receiving line forms

____  Food service begins

____  Champagne/wine service begins

____  Toasts begin

____  Cake-cutting

____  First dance

____  Wedding cake is served

____  Toss bouquet and garter

____  Change into going-away clothes

____  Transportation arrives

____  Depart the reception

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