Do You Know What The Duties Of The Best Man Are

Jan 07

Your best buddy has selected you to be his best man. What an honor! Now, what the heck does everyone expect you to do?

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Here’s a top 20 list of what the best man is traditionally supposed to do:

1. Assist the groom in selecting tuxedos for the guys in the wedding party. The bride probably has something in mind, so check with her and what the wedding colors are so that you can coordinate the tuxedos to match. Plus, you’ll save time. She’ll probably hand you a page she ripped out of a bridal magazine. If for instance, rose is a major color in the wedding, the cumber bunds and accessories can pick up this hue.

2. Pick up the groom’s tuxedo and accessories before the wedding. Make sure the other groomsmen have their act together in picking up their own attire.

3. The best man is in charge of making sure all the guys get to where they are supposed to be (main events would be the rehearsal dinner and the wedding obviously).

4. Hang out with the groom as he gets ready for the wedding (on the wedding day). Carry smart items such as breath mints, a fully charged cell phone, aspirin, a comb, deodorant, and anything that might come in handy on a wedding day emergency.

5. Make sure that the groom and groomsmen get to the church or ceremony location on time. If a limo hasn’t been rented to take wedding party members to the Wedding Ceremony location, it is up to the best man to figure out how all the guys are supposed to get to their appointed destination. Make sure you have a full tank of gas in your car.

6. Make sure all groomsmen have their boutonnieres securely pinned to their tuxedo lapels. Make sure the groomsmen look presentable for pictures. Carry a small comb in your pocket in case some of the guys need a touchup.

7. If there are printed materials such as bulletins or programs for the church or wedding location, make sure to pass these out to the usher so the guests all get a copy. Save a couple copies for the bride and groom – they will be too busy to think of this!

8. The best man usually is the groomsman that walks down the aisle with the maid or matron of honor.

9. The best man usually holds onto the bride’s ring until the groom needs to place it on her finger. If a ring bearer will carry the ring down the aisle, the best man will make sure the little guy doesn’t loose it.

10. The best man usually is a witness to the wedding and signs the formal wedding license.

11. At the wedding reception, the best man assists the maid of honor in rounding up the wedding party to take pictures.

12. The best man typically will sit, along with the rest of the wedding party, at the head table with the bride and groom. Try not to chew with your mouth open and be sure to use your napkin! All eyes will be turned towards the head table so remember that.

13. Socialize with guests and keep an eye open for anyone that might need help during the reception.

14. The best man gives toasts to the bride and groom at the reception. Keep it short and sweet. Wish them the best of luck. Praise both the bride and groom as being lovely people and meant for each other. Do not tell any sordid stories that might embarrass the bride or groom. Sure, people would laugh but don’t risk it. The bride will never forgive you!

15. The best man gathers up the single men at the reception when it is time for the tossing of the garter. This may take some effort as guys aren’t vying for the garter like the single girls will fight for that bouquet toss.

16. If the bride and groom are leaving directly after the reception to start their honeymoon, the best man sees them off. Assist the groom in getting luggage into the car and doublechecking that the groom has his wallet, credit cards, cell phone, passport (if applicable) and tickets.

17. After the wedding, the best man usually makes sure to return any rented tuxedos and accessories.

18. It is an honor to be chosen as the best man. With this honor comes some monetary expenses: lodging, travel costs, rental of a tuxedo, price of dinners, cigars or special beverages for a “guy moment” if he feels the need.

19. The best man typically organizes the bachelor party. Do not have this the night before the wedding. The groom might be hung over, late to the wedding and take terrible pictures! Be sensible and make sure to do the bachelor party sometime during the last month before the wedding. The farther away from the wedding day, the better!

20. Don’t forget to buy the bride and groom a wedding present!

This list is meant to be a guideline. The best advice I can give you is to communicate with the bride and groom as to the plans for the “big day.” Be as helpful as you can. Since you care that your buddy has a nice wedding day, you will naturally know what to do when the moment arises. Be sure to go thru a “dry run” of the events of the wedding day so that you can make yourself a list as to what to do when.

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