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Feb 23

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Those who design wedding dresses make it their life’s work to see that brides look their best on their wedding days. In no other industry is so much thought put into making the buyer look and feel so special. 

And knowing that brides come in all shapes and sizes, how do designers do this? They do it by designing dresses that flatter different shapes. It’s the bride’s job to figure out what shape she is and then shop accordingly. 

Which Dress is Best? 

When you first start looking at gowns, ask the experts – salon fitters, tailors or even your wedding planner – what they recommend. Ask them to describe your shape. Do not ask your mother. She may tell say you will look wonderful in whatever you wear. Well, that’s not necessarily true, and you want to get to the truth quickly, so you do not waste time shopping for the wrong style. Here are some questions to ask yourself or others: 

  • Are your shoulders and hips roughly the same size, with a defined waist in the middle?
  • Are your hips wider than your shoulders?
  • Are your shoulders wider than your hips?
  • Are your shoulders, waist and hips all about the same size?


Gowns are designed based on the bride’s silhouette and body proportion. The correct gown should emphasize your best attributes and cloak your trouble spots. 

First Scenario – The Hourglass Shape 

This is when your shoulders and hips are about the same size, and you have a nice, defined waist. This is the classic hourglass shape. You have natural curves in the right places, so go look for a gown with a defined waistband that will show off your waist – like a trumpet shape or a sheath gown. 

If you are a plus-size bride with an hourglass shape, look for a dress with ruching at the waist, or one that laces up the back to fully show off your curves. If you are a petite bride with an hourglass shape, look for one that defines the waist, but elongates the skirt – like one with layers of ruffles or embellishments that draw the eye down. 

Second Scenario – The Triangle 

Are your hips wider than your shoulders? Another familiar term for this body type is pear shape, because you are heavier at the bottom than the top. This shape is easily overcome by taking the eye off the hips and moving it up to your shoulder, bust and beautiful face. Try an A-line gown that starts flowing right under the bust. You might also consider a ball gown that flows dramatically as a result of the fabric, the cut or the embellishment. 

A third option is the trumpet skirt. Picture a real trumpet turned upside down and resting on its bell. The trumpet gown flares out around the ankles in the same fashion, again drawing attention from the hips. If you are petite bride, avoid the trumpet gown, as the shortened length of the skirt does not always lend itself to a flared hem. If you are a plus-sized bride, stick to the A-line gowns as the most flattering to your shape. 

Third Scenario – The Inverted Triangle 

Are your shoulders the widest part of you? If so, you want to downplay the width of your shoulders and emphasize your waist and hips. A strapless gown is a quick answer to this problem. A strapless A-line gown would be perfect for almost any bride with broad shoulders. You could even try a short, strapless A-line gown. If you are petite or plus-sized, also consider a sheath cut, which generally falls straight down, or the more elaborate strapless ball gowns, which draw attention to the body of the dress and away from the shoulders. 

Fourth Scenario – The Rectangle 

If your shape is best described as straight up and down, then enjoy the fact that you are perfectly symmetrical. It becomes the job of your Wedding Dress to provide the illusion of curves. Try a sheath gown that crosses at the waist or has some emphasis at the waist. You could also try an A-line or ball gown. Again, see if you are comfortable in a strapless gown because this cut always emphasizes the bust, which naturally creates the illusion of a defined waist. 

No matter which scenario you address, your appearance will be further enhanced with the right foundation. That means pay attention to the undergarments you wear that day. Do not think your everyday lingerie will work under your wedding dress. Look for a bra that is designed to keep you in place – no matter how far the dress plunges the front or back. And consider shapewear that rises higher than normal panties or comes lower than the usual bra – all designed to minimize unsightly lines. 

With plenty of diligent searching and patience, you’ll be sure to find that perfect bridal gown just in time for the wedding. 

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