Overseas Wedding Insurance

Oct 07

It’s becoming more common for couples to take out Wedding Insurance to give them some financial back-up in case something goes wrong. But, many policies are targeted at domestic weddings rather than those held overseas. Couples looking to hold their wedding abroad may want to look at taking out a specialist overseas Wedding Insurance Policy as an alternative.

What is the Difference Between Regular Wedding Insurance and Overseas Cover?

Both of these policy types are designed to protect those paying for a wedding and a reception from a financial perspective. On a general level this will help cover them against issues such as:

  • Cancellation
  • Loss, theft and damage
  • Supplier failure or problems
  • Public liability problems
  • General wedding policies are basically targeted at meeting these needs for weddings based in the UK. Although some insurers will allow those getting married abroad to take out a UK policy and will give them cover this may not suit their exact needs. Specialist foreign cover may take these general wedding/reception insurance benefits and add more to the mix due to the event location.

    What to Expect From Foreign Wedding Insurance


    A specialist overseas policy may add some useful elements. These may not be essential to every couple and some may be able to use a regular policy. Features that may prove useful to some, however, include:

    • Specific travel benefits such as flight delays that affect the event
    • Wedding and honeymoon luggage cover
    • Wedding document insurance
    • Joint overseas wedding cover with protection for a later UK based reception (within a certain time-scale)

    Some elements offered by UK policies may not, however, be covered by an overseas product. Most insurers, for example, will not offer marquee cover for a foreign wedding and in some regions (such as the USA) personal liability cover may not be available.

    Will an Overseas Wedding Policy Also Cover Honeymoon Travel Insurance?

    Although many policies will add on some travel elements these are not meant to replace standard travel insurance benefits. These features are all related to the wedding itself and the reception and the couple may also need to take out separate travel insurance to cover other needs.

    Comparing the benefits offered by a regular wedding insurance package with one designed for an event held abroad may be a useful thing to do. This will help show if a specialist policy is actually necessary. Taking some time to compare the costs of policies may also be useful. Although it is tempting to take out the first policy that looks good this may not be the way to get the best deal.

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