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Oct 15

Wedding Insurance – When Disaster Strikes

The cost of arranging a wedding has increased over the years and a simple wedding can cost on the up of £10,000 and more and more couples are investing in wedding insurance to cover for the unknown disaster that may occur. This is because wedding insurance is very cost effective when compared to other costs of a wedding.

More couples are organising their big day themselves which can cover items such as venue booking, flowers and all other areas of the wedding independently. The down side is there is no one person is liable and many of the costs are no insured too.

If you book a service form a vendor and they go bust before your big day you will join the Que of unsecured creditors and will end up at the back of the line to get your money back. Another worry is if you opt for your wedding to be held in a non typical location like a marquee, where you will require public liability to protect you claims or injury or damage to property.

Wedding Insurance

A number of insurance companies are offering wedding insurance, from  specialist companies like Weddingplan and Ecclesiastical to household names such as John Lewis(Greenbee) and  Marks And Spencer Wedding Insurance.

Different companies will offer different cover so its important to study what your insurance policy will cover and don’t cover. For example Greenbee includes public liability cover which will pay out in the event of any claims arising if an accident occurred whereas other will not.

Most insurance companies will cater for different levels of cover that you can choose from and will specify how much will be paid in different circumstances. Greenbee for example has 12 levels of cover costing from between £46 and £355.

A key detail of a policy to look at will be the amount that the policy will pay in the event the wedding has to be cancelled fr a certain reason. This can range from a few thousand pounds for a entry level of cover, to as much as £50,000 for the high end.

What is covered in your Policy?

A quick total of all the various costs will give you an idea of what you are covered for. The cancellation amount that they will pay if the venue cannot be used for some reason or if a key member of the wedding party – either the bride, groom and parents or guardians – dies or is ill or injured before the ceremony.

Policies can be covered to cater for the Wedding Dress or other special outfits are lost or severely damaged.

If the parties paying for the wedding are made redundant and the wedding has to be cancelled due to this reason the Wedding Insurance Policy will payout, but the policy needs to be in place eight weeks before the notice has been given.

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