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Oct 13

Alcohol, Nerves And The Risks Of Not Having Adequate Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance is perhaps one of the best possible deals you can get. When you consider the high risk of accident, loss, problems or cancellation, and the high value associated with these, a one off payment of £30 or so seems hardly here nor there. In fact, the average wedding now costs around £21,000, which means that for the equivalent of just over 0.1% of your wedding budget, you can have virtually every aspect of your wedding covered, in addition to having up to 2.5 million pounds of liability insurance.

Typical wedding insurance policies can offer up to around £5,000 just for attire. Bearing in mind that people are wearing their very best outfits, and in some cases these will be hired specially. Then bear in mind the fact that as people are wearing these outfits they are having to go outside for pictures, possibly risking wet and mud, and inside they will be milling about with food and drink at every turn. The chances of damage are considerable, yet the costs of replacing these outfits, or simply losing the deposit, is often far more than the cost of the insurance policy itself. This is peace of mind with buttons.

Sadly both accidents and thefts do occur at weddings, and with so many expensive gifts often on display for much of the time, these are very much at risk. There are often so many people milling about, many of whom won’t know everyone else who’s there, and with venue staff, DJs, caterers, florists and many other people about, it is impossible to keep a check on gifts the whole time. Although it doesn’t happen frequently, if you were unlucky enough to be a victim, it would be a terrible shame. However, with most wedding insurance policies offering up to around £5,000 towards stolen or damaged gifts, at least you can then replace the item quickly. In some cases you may even be able to replace the ghastly tiger rug your Aunt Mildred gave you with something more suitable, although arranging a theft is unwise!

With up to £5,000 for replacing photos, £4,000 for the cake and another £4,000 available for the flowers, it’s easy to see that so far there is around £23,000 worth of cover in just the points raised so far in this article – more than the cost of most weddings. But with at least a couple of million pounds’ worth of personal liability insurance, even extending to your guests in some cases, the ultimate value of your wedding insurance pales into insignificance compared to the potential value in covering costs incurred during the ceremony itself. You might think that personal liability is not something of very much importance, yet the groom who knocked over a candle on the top table, setting fire to the paper table cloth and igniting half the reception room was almost certainly very glad not to have to be the one to pick up the resulting bill.

It’s also worth thinking about transport, because for many people this can be a significant expense. Limousines and carriages don’t come cheaply, and with stretch limousines now being particularly popular it can often be the case that a large number of your family and friends will be relying on the pre-booked transport to get them to the wedding, and perhaps again on to the reception. With up to £5,000 cover for transport problems it will be reassuring to know that should the limousine break down, the horse have tummy ache or the carriage booked for speeding, you’ll be able to arrange alternative transport at no personal cost to you.

Clearly wedding insurance is a tremendously valuable and entirely necessary part of your wedding, and whilst one hopes it never becomes needed, should it ever be required it will almost certainly be worth many times its value to you, both in terms of financial aid, and peace of mind. Once it is in place you need never think of it again, nor worry about those ‘what if’ question that haunt you around 3am. There are clearly some aspects of your wedding that wedding insurance can’t cover, such as the groom running away with one of the bridesmaids, the Best Man mentioning that little incident with the Chihuahua , nor the pageboy having a tantrum at the altar because he couldn’t keep the ring. But otherwise, you’ll find that should things go wrong, it is your wedding insurance which will be saying ‘I do’.

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