Choosing The Best Gown

Jan 09

Wedding days are one of the most exciting days of one’s life, especially for the bride. With the venue beautifully decorated with flowers and the whole place shining with fluorescent light diffuser, walking down the flower-studded aisle is like living in a real fairy tale moment. Despite all the decorative light panels, the bride will shine brighter than anything else in the room.

Every bride wishes to look like a fairytale princess on her wedding day, and for that she puts in a lot of efforts and tears in everything. Yet, the most important thing remains her dress. All the jewelry and accessories mean nothing unless there is a perfect dress for the bride. The idea of a perfect dress, however, changes from time to time. There were times, not so long ago, when the bride’s gown was inherited from mother to daughter. The classic look of gowns was more appreciated in order to complete the fairy tale experience. Yet today, people prefer to have the latest designs and trends incorporated in their Wedding Dress.

In both cases, there is hardly any guarantee that the style might suit the bride to be. This is because body structures and figures greatly vary from person to person, thus the styles that suit them vary. In order to look perfect in your wedding dress, it is important to choose a dress that fits perfectly with your body and compliments your best features. Written below are some points that you must keep in mind when buying a wedding dress for yourself:


Full figured: For brides with full figures, the dress should be able to conceal a little bit of their curves. A-lines and empire lines are the best options to go for. The V-line also helps in taking attention away from their waist and hip areas, and also gives them a slimmer look.

Petite Brides: Most heavy gowns such as ball gowns can make petite brides appear stout. A-line is the best choice for shorter women. The long lean skirt of A-line gives a taller and much slimmer look to the brides.

Busty Brides: Many heavy busted brides do the mistake of choosing big gowns to make their body appear in proportion. This in turn makes them look huge both from up and down. To keep your body in a slimmer proportion, use a long bodice and go for a natural waistline dress. Low necklines will draw attention to your problem area, so steer away from them as well. Round necks and cowl necks are good choices to go with.

Heavy-Bottom brides: Brides with wide or heavy hips and thighs should avoid ruffles. These will accentuate the bottom and hip even more. The gown must not be tight around the hips. Princess style is good to go with. Ball gowns with a fitted top can also help in proportioning the bottom with top.

Tall and thin: Nearly every style suits them best, but strapless gowns look the most beautiful. You can also choose a skirt of knee length as well.

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