Wedding Flowers

Oct 22

Wedding Flowers

Help To Decide On Wedding Flowers: Making The Floral Commitment

How to decide on wedding flowers? Will you decide to get a florist to create your wedding flowers or will you decide you can make your own wedding flowers. Three main factors will help you finalize your choice of wedding flowers.

Where Can I Find Wedding Flowers? There are many options as to where you can find your wedding flowers. You could hire a local florist, you could be lucky and have a talented aunt or mother that can make them for you, you could make your wedding flowers yourself or you could have a Pitch In Party and get your bridesmaids and special family members to come help you make your floral centerpieces, bouquets and corsages.  The moral support from your loved ones will make the daunting task of creating your wedding flowers fun and memorable.

What Are The Most Popular Wedding Flowers? Knowing the most popular flowers can sometimes help spurr ideas and help you choose your preferences.  It`s all about determining the style, color scheme and the look your bouquet.. Cut out pictures in magazines and websites of bouquets and flower types that you prefer.  Keep looking until you know what your bouquet will look like. Add all your ideas in your Wedding Planner. Open your heart to the flowers and decide on your preferences for your magical day The hardest part is choosing the bride`s bouquet. Once you have that determined, all other flowers will revolve around you, The Bride.

Top 10 Most Popular and Trusteable Wedding Flowers

  1. Roses
  2. Orchids
  3. Gerberas
  4. Hydrangeas
  5. Poms (Chrysanthemum Family)
  6. Daisies
  7. Sunflowers
  8. Carnations
  9. Lilies
  10. Alstromeria Lilies
  • How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost? Let`s face it, your budget will be the bottom line in making a final decision as to what your wedding flowers will be like. If you have a few thousands vs. a few hundreds or vs. a few dollars, your bouquets will reflect that. If you have thousands, no problem, go to a florist with your selection and she will make it come true for you, painlessly…well except for forking over all that dough! If you have a few hundreds, you have the choice of going to the florist and get the essentials or make your own and get all the flowers you envision including extras and floral accents spread throughout your Wedding Ceremony.  If you only have $50-$100 for your wedding flowers, you can still get elegant looking wedding flowers; especially if you make them yourself.
  • What Is The Cost of Wedding Bouquets?
  • Description                                                    Florist Price                      DIY Price 12 rose bouquet handheld                             $80-120                            $20-$40         6 rose bouquet in a bouquet holder               $40-$60                            $15-$20    Mixed bouquet in a bouquet holder                $65-$185                          $20-$80          6 Calla bouquet handheld                             $80-$180                           $40-$80

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