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Oct 14

Your wedding day is one occasion where you don’t want to leave anything to chance and the saying “it’s better to be safe than sorry” seems very appropriate. For a relatively small amount of money I believe Wedding Abroad Insurance is a very wise investment.
To allow you to concentrate on the more glamorous and exciting aspects of planning your wedding abroad, I have spent time researching different insurance policies and have put together some useful information on Wedding Abroad Insurance.

My objective is to help you to make an informed decision as to whether you should take out insurance cover and provide you with my findings on the company I believe offers the best Wedding Abroad Insurance cover.

Please note, the Insurance Companies I have examined are from the United Kingdom and the information I have provided is from my own personal observations.
The difference between Wedding Insurance and Wedding Abroad Insurance

At first glance Wedding Insurance and Wedding Abroad Insurance appear to be the same. However, if you are having your wedding abroad most policies provide additional cover for:

•Delayed Travel
•Essential Document Indemnity (protection)
But do not cover you for:
•Marquee Extension
•Public Liability Extension (this is your legal liability to a third party for any damages and costs arising from an incident at your wedding, or accidental death or injury to a third party)

What is Covered by Wedding Abroad Insurance

Most policies cover you for the following:

•Cancellation and expenses
•Rearrangement of Wedding or Reception
•Supplier Deposits
•Failure of Suppliers
•Wedding Attire
•Documents / Passport
•Luggage / Property
•Personal Accident
•Wedding Cars and Transport
Wedding Flowers
•Wedding Stationery
•Delayed travel (to both your wedding destination & venue)
•Professional Counselling
•Legal Expenses

Levels of Cover

Most companies offer different levels of cover. The industry standard is 3 levels but some companies offer more.

The level of cover works as follows:

•The higher the level of cover the more money each individual item is insured for.
For example if you took out level 1 cover and you had to cancel your wedding you would receive £5000 in cancellation costs but if you took out level 3 cover you would receive £20,000 in cancellation costs.
•The higher the level of cover the more a policy costs.
In order to determine what level of cover you should have it helps to have an idea of your budget and what you plan to spend on different items.

When deciding on what level of cover to have, go through each item in a company’s policy and try and match the amount an item is insured for with what you believe you will spend on it.

I would slightly inflate your costs to ensure you will be fully insured. It will be better to pay slightly more for your policy and get a higher level of cover than not get enough money back if you need to make a claim.
Excess Payments

An Excess Payment is the amount of money you will have to pay the Insurance Company if you need to make a claim.

If you make a claim most companies charge you for the privilege of doing so.

In most cases the cost is around £35.
When to Purchase Wedding Abroad Insurance

Most insurance policies come into effect as soon as you confirm the date of your wedding.

Therefore I recommend you purchase your Wedding Abroad Insurance as soon as you have set your wedding date. This will ensure you are immediately covered should any complications arise during the planning of your wedding abroad.

Note: With some policies if the date of your wedding is further than 12 months away the cost of the policy may rise.
The Top Five Wedding Insurance Claims

According to E&L Insurance the top five wedding insurance claims for a home-based wedding are:

1.Wedding attire damaged.
2.The re-taking of the Wedding Photos.
3.Cancellation of the wedding due to an illness or bereavement of an immediate family member.
4.Non appearance of the caterers at the wedding reception.
5.Loss of wedding rings.

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